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The Metamorphosis of Mr. Ani - page 13

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Alas, no success was had...
Lanschi:Why did you say that?
Lanschi:Because what?
Panschi:'Cuz we gotta get you back to normal anyway.
Panschi:No point causin' a panic now.
Lanschi:Yeah, but...
Lanschi:It's so frustrating! It's like I'm not myself anymore! I can't even pass for myself anymore, and I thought I was a decent immpersonator! It makes me want to crawl up the walls!
Parsley:Heads up, Lanschi! There are rotten apples in life, but I am certain we can fix this.
Hayfa:Dah-dah-definitely! There's a happy ending to every story!
Hayfa:Right, pals?
Parsley:Um... precisely! Let's go see the Professor. Or an entomologist.

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