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Ooze Busters - page 15

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Kakralomino:By my hat, what's taking them so long?
Dr. Spid:Maybe they had an... accident? As usual?
Batty:We're baaaack!~
Kakralomino:Speak o' the devil, it's about time! Did you catch it?
Batty:Fair and square, O most venerable Lord Kagnas! Not a problem at all, really.
Batty:For me, I mean. I don't mean to brag, but I caught it mostly by myself. Bad Bat wanted to give up, but I told him "No! We can't disappoint Kakralomino!" So he agreed to at least carry it for me.
Kakralomino:Hm... that sounds like him. Well, if that's the case, I must say I'm impressed! I didn't think you'd manage.
Kakralomino:And since I'm in a rare generous mood (and have just raised taxes)... let's talk about your reward, shall we?
Bad Bat:Hmm... there's just one thing I don't get.
Batty:What is it, my very dearest sweetheart?
Bad Bat:What's this other button here do, anyway?

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