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Ooze Busters - page 4

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Kakralomino:Can you not wait in line like everyone else? Where's your dignity?
Kakralomino:But nevermind that. We've got a problem. Tell them about your mistake, doctor.
Dr. Spid:As you wish. I've engineered a new form of travelling ooze. However... ...I made the mistake of trusting the world's most incompetent wizard to keep an eye on it.
Kakralomino:HEY! 465 1/3 of the constitution says it's always someone else's fault!
Dr. Spid:That's the law I'm applying, mylord.
Dr. Spid:Now, to get back to business... I think you know what to do.
Bad Bat:Um... It'th on the thip o' my thongue.
Batty:Go home and let somebody else handle it?
Dr. Spid:Quite the jester, are we? I've developed technology that should allow you to catch it, and although I feel it will be wasted on you, you can double as my voluntary guinea pigs this way. Follow me, I'll brief you on details.
Bad Bat:Is it powered by radio-active shiitake?
Dr. Spid:No. No, it's not.
Bad Bat:Whew. Champignons are much safer.

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