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The Mad and the Madcap - page 21

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Lanschi:I think we're safe here!
Meiawokaweinau:Well, I'm glad I found you!
Lanschi:Oh quackers.
Meiawokaweinau:You're here for the Madcap, aren't you?
Lanschi:Sure! I mean, uh...
Lanschi:What Madcap? I've never heard of any Madcap!
Meiawokaweinau:Don't be Silly! I can show you the way, but we have to hurry.
A few hurries later...
Meiawokaweinau:I'm sorry about what happened. My husband won't listen to reason, so I'll help you find what you came for before you really get in trouble.
Panschi:Oh yeah? You're a bit late...
Meiawokaweinau:This is the entrance to its hiding place. You'll be on your own from this point.
Panschi:Um... I think we're gonna have a big problem.
Panschi:Why's this seem so familiar?
Hayfa:Keep it up, pah-pah-pals! I'm almost through!
Parsley:I'm trying!

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