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The Mad and the Madcap - page 15

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Lanschi:That was a strange dream... We were in this terrible comic story, and...
Lanschi:Waaah, it wasn't a dream!
Akalemlakasiem:Nice going, Sherlock.
Panschi:Y'know, we could become good friends.
Lanschi:Hey, you! Where are you taking us anyway?
Akalemlakasiem:You're not worth it, but...
Akalemlakasiem:We're taking you to our nice, cosy village...
Lanschi:Oh, thank you! I didn't know there were such hospitable-
Akalemlakasiem:...to be sacrificed.
Akalemlakasiem:The volcano hasn't been spewing lava. Without lava, we can't make people! And if we can't make people, we can't survive! So we're doing a ritual sacrifice.
Parsley:How would that change anything? You can't influence the laws of nature with tribal mumbo-jumbo!
Akalemlakasiem:Look, if the Chief says sacrifice somebody, we gotta do it! This ain't no democracy!
Panschi:Afraid he's got a point...

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