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Borderline Chaos - page 20

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And so, our hero returns triumphantly...
Lanschi:I hope the King doesn't mind his new roof window!
But wait! There's more to take care of, isn't there?
Panschi:Oh, hey bro. Almost considered being worried.
Lanschi:Hm, was i gone that long?
Lanschi:But nevermind now! I'm back, and I'm ready to finish the peace conference! Ready to let those baddies know how we feel, girls?
Lanschi:Um, on second though, where are they?
Panschi:Tellin' Kakra how they feel. Don't bother interfering. In fact, really won't want to get in their way right now.
Hayfa:Work fah-fah-faster! If I don't get my house back by tonight, I'll occupy your tower!
Kakralomino:This is all your fault, Spid!
Dr. Spid:Mine? If I were the one making the plans, I- I mean, we would rule this world already!
Parsley:Save your energy, you two! You'll be working till the cow comes home!
Thus ends another story. Just as well this time, but evil must rear its ugly head once more. the moral this tale has in store is never buy thy shoes too soon; thy feet grow till the afternoon.

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