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Borderline Chaos - page 18

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King Lanschi:Hmm... We still cannot seem to make out those fireworks. Are you certain about them?
Phoebe:Well, I hearded them! I'm sure you'll see anysomething soon.
Phoebe:You want me to get the royal spring-heeled boots?
King Lanschi:No, Phoebe... Wait, we see something, but it's not fireworks!
King Lanschi:What on Meha is that?
Lanschi:I don't know what on Meha you are, but Kakra won't get away with this!
Cannonball Monster:Fool! The pointy-hat does not know what he is meddling with!
Lanschi:Kakra doesn't know much, but I do!
Lanschi:I know how...
Lanschi:...to handle...
Lanschi:...a multi-armed monster!
Cannonball Monster:I hope you are aware that you accomplishing nothing. We are still bound for your pathetic castle! My impact is imminent!
Lanschi:Hm... bound, you say? That might be rather fitting!
Phoebe:Hey, look! Visitors!

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