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Borderline Chaos - page 12

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Batty:Well, that worked out splendidly. Yep, yep, another great success here.
Batty:Bad Bat!! It's nice you found someone of equal intelligence, but stop poking you non-existent nose into everything!
Ph-m hmmph m-mph!* (*Translation: Ph-m hmmph m-mph!)
Batty:Lanschilandians! It's not over yet! You can't just do what you want with me, you know that?
Batty:One day, you'll pay for messing with me! You'll be conquered, and I will be at the very top where I belong! I, Lunara Vyalin, shall rule with [an] iron (but undeniably well-manicured) fist! You worth-less peasant will bow to me... THE QUEEN OF LUNARIA!
Batty:Well, that was predictable. Very, very painful, but nonetheless predictable.
Batty:Hey, is that all you have to offer? Just bring it on, I can take it!

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