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Borderline Chaos - page 9

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LanschiI never knew how many signatures fit on a single scroll.
Panschi:Wasn't dying to find out. We're lucky no one tried to stop us.
Sign:Lanschilandia Castle - where kings are king
Phoebe:Ladies and gentlemen,-
PanschiYes, we know! Your Majesty, sign the document so this is finally over!
King Lanschi:Hm, the signatures seem to be there. We-
Batty:Wait, Your Majesty! Don't sign the paper! If you sign it, the Kingdom of, uh, Ultimathule will collapse!
Bad Bat:Verily, I say! That wouldn't be jolly good at all!
Batty:Quiet, you wally!
King Lanschi:This sounds grave. We should hold off on signing the forum for now.
Panschi:What?! That kingdom doesn't even exist!
Anserian:His Majesty is wise in exercising utmost case. However...
Anserian:I was not made aware that His Majesty has been expecting you. Do the Master and Mistress have an audience?
BattyWe don't need an audience! It's a matter of life and death! The future of out kingdom! End of the world, etc.!
Anserian:In that case, do the Master and Mistress have proof that they are here on such urgent official business?
Batty:Well, uh...
Bad Bat:Listen, Minister! We don't need any proof! We're the trusted left hand (pinky and pointer finger) bats of Kakralomino of Alluvia! He'll... he'll... uh...
Bad Bat:Um... I didn't mess up, Batty, did I? Please say I didn't mess up!

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