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A Spoony Experience - page 1

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Kakralomino:I am Kakralomino Kagnas Septurai. I'm an intergalactic overlord.
Unseen:Hi, Krakralomino!
Kakralomino:For centuries, many a planet has been under the uncontested rule of my family, the house of Kagnas...
Kakralomino:Our generals are stationed all across the universe, ensuring full control - our eyes are always alert.
Kakralomino:When I made Meha my next target, I thought it would be like taking candy from a baby...
Kakralomino:This'll be like taking candy from a baby! Wait, I already said that.
Kakralomino:I thought wrong.
LanschiMy, what a boring speech. May I kick you out of your tower again now?
Kakralomino:As if I had a choice.

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