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Collectible Trading Cards!

Buy an 18 card booster!
Own your favourite Lanschilandia characters in card form!

Lanschi's mom always said he'd be on a trading card one day. Now it's finally come true, and his friends and enemies are featured as well! This series of 36 unique collectible trading cards based on the Tails of Lanschilandia (and Dyllis Filler) characters is sold in booster packs of 18 randomly selected cards each, printed on demand by The Games Crafter. They come with unique, detailed artwork and fun flavour text about each character for you to gawk at and share with your friends.

But wait, that's not all! These cards are part of Project Apex, a growing database of webcomic cards by many different talented artists. Add them to your collection today!

If you don't mind spoilers, click here for a complete listing of all the cards in this series. Please note that the golden Velli card (TOL-0037) is not part of the booster packs and cannot currently be obtained. It may be available for promotions or as a Patreon reward in the future.

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