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The Mad and the Madcap - page 17

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Priestess:We are deeply sorry to have upset you, Great Heilukamukau!
Priestess:Please forgive me for not explaining. It is the name we have given you, O Great and Fat one!
Priestess:It will please you to hear that your people has done great things in your name!
Hayfa:Oh, now I understand...
Priestess:Our great Chief has correctly recognised, however, that you are angry with us. Thus, we have brought you sacrifices to appease you.
Priestess:A group of strangers that invaded our-
Hayfa:Aw, I thought you meant food!
Islanders:*whisper* *whisper*
Priestess:If you have a particular wish, O Fat ONe, it shall be done. Just tell me your sacred desire!
Hayfa:Oooh! Well, as an entreé, I would like...
Islander:I hope our sacrifices are convincing you to restore the lava flow.
Hayfa:*munch* *nom* Oh yah, phure. I'll gep po vap laper.

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