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...the comic!

Launched in 2012, Lanschilandia is a Fantasy/Furry webcomic written and illustrated by Tammy Spahn, who currently tries to update it on a weekly schedule (Fridays). The comic details the (mis)adventures of Lanschi the duck and his friends (and relatives) as they stop the evil wizard Kakralomino from conquering Lanschilandia and become involved in general zaniness. The setting of it all is the planet Meha, a far away world populated by monsters and animal people that runs mainly on anachronisms and cartoon physics.

Taking inspiration from the (mostly) clean fun of classic Saturday morning cartoons, Lanschilandia aims to be suitable for all ages and tell meaningful tales while never taking itself too seriously. Unlike many comics on the web, Lanschilandia is divided into individual stand-alone stories, each spanning multiple pages and containing an entire arc (and nothing else). The stories are independent of one another and do not necessarily form a larger plot when strung together, so it should never be necessary to read through an entire archive to figure out what is going on, but doing so may enhance the experience.

...the author!

Vellidragon! Tammy Spahn is a shady individual currently residing in her secret hideout in Germany, from where she produces this comic in a mostly one-woman effort (with emotional support from her significant other). An amateur artist, writer, composer, etc., her insignificant contributions to the artistic world can be found in select places on the internet (don't miss out on her Fantasy books!), where she is often known by the pseudonym Vellidragon . She also enjoys referring to herself in the third person.

If for any reason you are looking to get in touch with her (about this comic, this website, or anything else), please see the Contact page!


Q:How on Earth do you pronounce "Lanschilandia"?
A:Lun-shee-lun-dee-ya. It's a compound of Lanschi and the Spanish suffix -landia.

Q:Who is Dyllis Filler?
A:Dyllis is the heroine of The Superfluous Adventures of Dyllis Filler, another comic by Tammy Spahn that updates whenever Tails of Lanschilandia is on break. You can start reading her adventures here!

Q:If the author is German, why is the comic in English? Will there be a German version?
A:Tammy Spahn writes primarily in English in order to reach a larger audience. There are no plans for a German translation and there never may be due to the large amount of things that would inevitably be lost in translation.

Q:Why am I unable to post a comment?
A:The comment system is provided by Disqus, so please head over to their site if you're encountering problems; it's most likely nothing we have any control over.

Q:I want to support the comic. How can I do this?
A:There are several ways to support the comic; the easiest one is to simply keep reading, commenting and telling all your friends! If you would like to make donations, the best way to do so is to become a patron on Patreon. Purchasing merchandise and print editions also helps, but be aware that only a small amount of your money will reach the author on that route.

Q:What about social networks?
A:Please check the contact page for where to find the comic/the author on social networks. The comic's Twitter page, @Lanschilandia, is currently the most reliable one for updates.

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