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The Mad and the Madcap - page 18

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Hayfa:Hey! How much have I eaten? I lost track.
83 baskets worth of our [crops], O Fat One.
Hayfa:Tha-tha-that'snot going to suffice! Bring me 117 more for a start!
Islander:At once, my Goddess. Starving is fun too, I guess.
Parsley:I cannot believe she's doing this instead of telling them to let us out!
Panschi:Really? I can.
Hayfa:Ow! Hey!
hayfa:Oh, hallo Rose, hallo Panschi and Lanschi!
Parsley:Have you gone insane?! We have important things to do here! Why don't you ask them to open the cage?
Hayfa:I don't need their help for that!
Parsley:Good point!
Lanschi:Nice job! Let's go!
Hayfa:I can't leave all this fah-fah-food behind! *nom* *nom*
Panschi:Should answer the insanity question, Pars.

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