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Statues of Lamentation - page 21

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Batty:This is dull. Why's it so dark, anyway?
Mr. Fluffbutt:Bill hasn't been paid.
Parsley:You're paying electricity bills?
Mr. Fluffbutt:No, Bill - he lights the torches.
Bad Bat:Um, guys... I'm feeling watched.
Panschi:'Nother pair of eyes poppin' up any second now.
Mr. Fluffbutt:No worries, dear fellows, it's only the mountain watching you.
Batty:Gee, that's comforting.
Mr. Fluffbutt:The water brings the rock itself to life.
Bad Bat:Hehe, this must be where they filmed that musical...
Bad Bat:...because the hills are alive!
Mr. Fluffbutt:ACK! GACK!
Bad Bat:It wasn't that bad.
Parsley:Opinions differ.

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