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Statues of Lamentation - page 1

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It's a sunny day in Lanschilandia. The birds are singing, and... oops, there's no one here. Let's go a bit further east.
Where was I? Oh yeah, meanwhile, it's an average day in Alluvia, and as luck would have it, business is commencing as usual between two familiar figures...
Lanschi:Just give up, Kakralomino. It's over!
Kakralomino:That's what you think, hehe. This is all part of my plan.
Kakralomino:Did you really think you could foil my scheme and get away with it, Lanschi?
Lanschi:With the kinds of schemes you attempt... yeah, I kinda did.
Kakralomino:Fool, the idea with the rubber chickens was brilliant! If the chinchilla hadn't gotten involved, the aliens wouldn't have discovered their passion for jazz music.
Lanschi:And you still don't plan around such details.

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