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A Tails of Lanschilandia B-side comic.
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Dyllis Has Got the Power

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The King:Are you shaying she ish Dyllish Filler, the true heroine, shtrong and courageoush, who wieldsh a power she doesh not know?
Cinnamon:It's a power called being annoying.
Finn:What's your beef with her anyway?
Cinnamon:Oh, puh-lease! It should be obvious by now that I don't remember.
Finn:Let's hope she's as heroic in there as her reputation. She should be fine as long as she holds on to her sword.
Dyllis:Whoops, there goes my sword.
Dyllis:Hmm... I feel a tingle in my tail.
Jabberwocky:Fear? I bet it's fear.

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