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About the filler pages

Welcome to Tails of Lanschilandia's filler pages! Here, you will find content that is uploaded while the main comic is on a break or hiatus (usually between stories), which can be browsed in a seperate archive and the design that you're currently seeing. Apart from the occasional holiday special, these pages deal with the adventures of Dyllis Filler, a real Mehanian heroine(?), and her quest to protect the kingdom of Disgleiria.

As opposed to being divided into several multi-page stories with a clear beginning and end, Dyllis Filler's adventures were originally handled as single-page strips with limited continuity, but have since moved closer to a connected storyline spanning the whole comic. They are presented in a strictly black & white format and a lot less artful than the main comic, which makes them less time-consuming to create, but we hope you'll enjoy them anyway!

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