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Dyllis Learns Vital Plot Things

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Dyllis:Come on, Cinnamon. We have to meet Finn by the throne room.
Cinnamon:Oh yeah, sure, have fun with that. I'll be here if you need me.
Cinnamon:It's so quiet and peaceful down here. No guards running around, just the two of us. Or maybe just I, that would be fine.
???:That'sh what I've come to appreshiate about shish plashe.
Cinnamon:Well, now you've ruined it!
???:My apologiesh. I've been here for sho long, I'm not ushed to people anymore.
???:You probably wonder who I am. Allow me to bore you wish hoursh and hoursh of plot ekshposhishion.
Cinnamon:Like I said, quiet and peaceful.

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