Tammy Spahn

Tammy Spahn (Vellidragon) is an indie creator from Germany who has worked on various independent and self-published projects. She is an artist, writer and occasionally composer always looking to explore new ways to express her creativity. Her interests include Furries, games and Fantasy.

Oh yeah, she's also a transwoman.

You can find an overview of her stuff on the right, or scroll down for freelance work offers.
Tails of Lanschilandia
A weekly Furry webcomic about Lanschi the duck. Cartoony fun. Over 200 pages and three print editions are available.
DeviantArt gallery
Lanschilandia Games
Games and game development resources.
Soko Banish: Sokoban with new objects, editor, 100+ levels.
GNOP: Customisable Pong clone with AI opponents.
Gophirith's Mirrors: Arcade puzzle with falling mirrors.
Young-adult Fantasy writing.
Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot
Gophirith of the Mountains
YouTube channel
(currently inactive)
Blogs: Hic Sunt Dracaenae (inactive), Grifkuba
Social media: Twitter, Tumblr, FurAffinity
Support: Ko-fi, Patreon

Freelance work

I am available for your projects (paid work only). Contact me with offers.

Games and assets: I specialise in 2D computer games and have been working with Clickteam visual programming languages (e.g. Multimedia Fusion 2) for 20 years. I have experience in most other areas of independent game development, such as: Game design, level design, 2D sprites, background music (MIDI, FL Studio). See my game development website.

Art: I work with Krita and Photoshop 6.0 with a focus on cartoony digital styles. See the Art and Comics sections above for hand-drawn examples or my games website for 2D sprite work. Individual art pieces can be commissioned. (I do not take NSFW requests.)

Translations: I am a native-level German speaker with high English proficiency. I offer German -> English as well as English -> German translation services. (Example: Gophirith of the Mountains -> Gophirith von den Bergen). I have worked on the German translation of Wild Sky TD for Wild Sky Dev.

Community moderation: I am a volunteer moderator for Drawception and have experience working on Wikis such as WiKirby (part of NIWA Network).

Other offers: Chances are I've dabbled in whatever you want me to do. Contact me for details.
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