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Doppelgander - page 3

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Cpt. McAptain:You won't wiggle out of this one so easily!
Cpt. McAptain:Your evil deeds call for the highest penalty...
Lanschi:*GASP!* You don't mean...
Cpt. McAptain:I do mean!
Cpt. McAptain:Public humiliation by pie... Right in the face!
Cpt. McAptain:Rhubarb!
Cpt. McAptain:Unless, of course, you were framed, which seems likely. In that case, I guess I'll have to let you go.
Lanschi:No, you don't understand! I was framed! I... Wait, really? Just like that?
Cpt. McAptain:No, not just like that. You have 24 hours to prove your innocence. I'll be keeping an eye on you!
Lanschi:Sound great! I've always wanted to, uh, see those.

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