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Statues of Lamentation - page 39

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And so, all is almost back to normal...
Cpt. McAptain:Well, I suppose that's the end of this invasion.
Cpt. McAptain:I'm glad you showed up. Your brother mysteriously vanished!
Panschi:He's had a symbolic presence.
Dr. Spid:Simple fools. It takes more than some rope to catch a spider!
Cpt. McAptain:He'll be alright, I hope?
Panschi:No more than before, I'm afraid.
Hayfa:Look, pals! The sah-sah-spider man is getting away!
Lanschi:Don't worry, friends, I'll get him next time! And then I'll get him again the time after. Not sure about the other time.
Lanschi:So, uh... Does anyone remember how I got here?/td>

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