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Birds of a Weather - page 4

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Parsley:I wonder what's causing this weather. It doesn't seem natural.
Lanschi:If that's Panschi's mood at work, he really needs to cool off.
Lanschi:D-d-don't overdo it!
Parsley:I don't think it's Panschi's doing, but I can't explainit either... Maybe the Professor knows more.
Lanschi:Then I must ask him! You go get to safety!
Hayfa:Right now? Bah-bah-but it's dangerous out here!
Lanschi:So what? Danger is my middle name! (Actually, it's Fauntleroy.)
Lanschi:Besides, I'm an expert of extreme existence-threatening exigencies! Has there ever been an instance where I didn't know exactly what I was doing?
Lanschi:Oh quackers.

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