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Birds of a Weather - page 1

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Ahh, Summer in Lanschi-landia! Time to relax, have fun in the sun and prepare for the next evil wizard incident...
KakralominoMwahaha! I'm standing on my tower, being evil! You can't stop my plans this time, Lanschi!
Lanschi:Bam! Take that, Kakralomino! Now you have no tower! "Oh no, he beat me again! I'm towerless now!"
Panschi:This is idiotic.
Lanschi:Don't be such a killjoy, Panschi!
Lanschi:It's a weekend at the beach! So much to do!
Lanschi:Everyone's having fun.
Panschi:Define "everyone".
Lanschi:Maybe you just need a fun activity. Y'know, like beach volleyball, or beach beachball, or...
Panschi:Burying in the sand?
Lanschi:Oh, sure, why n-
Lanschi:That's not how it works.

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