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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 6

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Panschi:So, lemme get this straight... We're in the park at night so McAptain doesn't have to hire skilled invest'gators.
Panschi:We're wearin' silly hats 'cause you think it's gonna lure out the monster.
Panschi:We're takin' Hayfa with us 'cause she beat you at paddleball.
Lanschi:She's good.
Panschi:And we've no idea what we're lookin' for.
Panschi:Good. For a moment, I thought y'folks had gone sane.
Lanschi:Don't worry, Panschi, I know this park like the back of my head. All I gotta do is trust my senses and we'll have found this monster in no time. I'm a wilderness expert, remember? I am ever alert and always on guard.
Panschi:LOOK OUT!
Panschi:Heh. Normally somethin' bad happens at this point.
Lanschi:Something did.
Panschi:Not seein' it.

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