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The Metamorphosis of Mr. Ani - page 21

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Panschi:Splendid work there, bro.
Lanschi:Maybe it'll still work! I got covered in a lot of potions, so-
Hayfa:Hah-hah-have you always been that colour?
Lanschi:Oh colours! I'm changing jitters! I mean, uh... Whoa!
Hayfa:Cheer up! Now you can camouflage in a candy store!
Lanschi:It's no use! Only a deus ex machina- er, a miracle can help me. Or maybe some magic, at least.
Parsley:Magic, you say? THat may be our final option!
Lanschi:Oh, oh no! Not the witch!
Panschi:Rather stay a beetle, eh? Could try a music career.
Lanschi:Do I have a choie?
Lanschi:That's what I figured.

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