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The Metamorphosis of Mr. Ani - page 14

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Prof. Manatide will have to do...
Prof. Manatide:Well, well, Mister Ani! You seem to be infected with vampire vermin venom.
Lanschi:But how do we get Vernon out?
Prof. Manatide:I have thought about that.
Prof. ManatideIt hasn't [helped] much, unfortunately, but there's something we can try.
Prof. Manatide:I can have you back to normal in a flash! Don't worry. It's a quick procedure and perfectly safe!
Prof. Manatide:The electrificator should shock the venom right out of you. No hassle, no fuss. Well, maybe a bit of fuzz.
Prof. Manatide:Now, if you would just step over here and... um...
Prof. Manatide:Where'd he go?
Panschi:Guess it shocked 'im.

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