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The Mad and the Madcap - page 32

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Lanschi:Wow, that was a great adventure! Best I've had since yesterday.
Panschi:Could've been better.
Hayfa:Whah-whah-what do you mean?
Panschi:Well, we accomplished absolutely nothin'.
Panschi:Crashed a gyro, fed a cow and you folks showed your ineptitude. Kinda like what always happens.
Parsley:You're the biggest sourpuss I know, Panschi!
Panschi:Thanks, I try.
Panschi:Doesn't mean I don't like you fellas, though.
Lanschi:Whoa, I just recalled! What happened to the bats anyway?
Amatapikoia:YOu made the mountain erupt, and you'll do it again, but with lava!
Bad Bat:Do you think they sell replacement parts for the Madcap, Batty?
Batty:Shut up.
Thus ends another story. Just as well for now, but evil must seek out yet another fight. Be sure to brush your teeth tonight!

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