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The Mad and the Madcap - page 25

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Parsley:But... how did you get past the statue?
Batty:There are many ways into a volcano, my dear Parsley...
Batty:One could say... they forgot to lock the backdoor.
Lanschi:However you got here, we won't let you take the Madcap! Ready, folks?
Batty:I'm afraid I must disappoint you...
We already have it!
Bad Bat:It's got fun googly eyes!
Bad Bat:I'm bored of gloating. Let's get the cap to Kakralomino!
Batty:Are you kidding?
Batty:Ol' pointy hat couldn't swat a fly, even with more points on his hat. I, however... Am full of potential!
Lanschi:This is bad, right?

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