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The Mad and the Madcap - page 5

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Kakralomino:I can't believe you crashed it already!
Batty:Bad Bat's times are improving.
Kakralomino:Quiet, you're just as much at fault! HOw are you two going to get to Waiukamia fast without a flying machine?
Bad Bat:Um, why do we need to get there again?
Kakralomino:I told you already! Lanschi is looking for the Madcap of Malvaric, and you are going to find it!
Bad Bat:But... I thought we hate Lanschi! Why would we find it for him?
Kakralomino:The Madcap is one of the most powerful artefacts on the planet! Created by the legendary wizard Malvaric, it was hidden away so it could never be used again.
Kakralomino:Tales say its prison is inside the volcano of Waiukamia, where it has been virtually inaccessible... until now!
Kakralomino:WIth the Madcap, I will finally rule this planet! And what's better yet, I can take revenge on that goody two-shoes Lanschi!
Bad Bat:I think I get it, but... What is going to happen to all the broccoli?
Kakralomino:I'll shove it up your nose!!

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