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The Mad and the Madcap - page 1

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Parsley:I think you connect the flux stopped to the compressor drive.
Prof. ManatideGood thinking. Might boost the aerodynamic.
Parsley:And are the circumferential sprockets all adjusted?
Prof. Manatide:Did that and regulated all the nominal cranks a second time.
Parsley:We should make sure the traction tubing is unclogged.
Prof. Manatide:And turn back the odometric piston valves!
Parsley:LANSCHI ANI! Do you not care about these things at all?
Parsley:We aren't building this for fun! It would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with it now.
Parsley:You agreed to help pilot it, remember?
Lanschi:Oh, yeah. How could I ever forget? And, uh, what is "it" again? I kind of... missed that part, I think.

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