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The Deprisonment of Dyllis Filler

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Cinnamon:Alright, speak up! Who are you and what's all this about?
Finn:I do apologise this had to be so sudden...
Finn:I'm Finnegan Snooks and as for what's wrong in Caereg... well, I'm hoping we can figure that out.
Cinnamon:Oh, great! Let's leave it to this "we" person.
Finn:Don't be ridiculous. Aren't you here to help Dyllis Filler as well?
Cinnamon:Oh, um... sure! I've been doing all the dirty work, actually. I don't like to brag, but the great Dyllis Filler would be nowhere without the help of Cinnamon Rolle.
Finn:In that case, your help is most definitely needed. Let's go check out the castle!
Cinnamon:That wasn't so smart to say, was it?

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