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The Imprisonment of Dyllis Filler

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Cinnamon:How could it end like this? Caged! In a prison! A prison of eternal punishment and horror, threatening to wear me down and forever shatter my sanity! I can't take it anymore! Won't somebody release me from this never-ending pain?
Dyllis:We've been in here for three minutes...
Cinnamon:It felt like four.
Cinnamon:But we still gotta find a way out of here. Maybe if you could smuggle me a spoon into this cell...
Cinnamon:...then I could use all that ancient knowledge of cutlery that I conveniently happen to possess to cause it to resonate against the iron bars at just the right pitch and frequency...
Cinnamon:...to shatter the prison walls as from a violent, spoony explosion! Hah, it's absolutely brilliant! Freedom, here we come!
Cinnamon:Or this could happen, of course.
???:Come with me if you want to live.

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