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A Tails of Lanschilandia B-side comic.
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Caereg Rocks

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Cinnamon:So you've been leading us here 'cause you were given a task and weren't told what it is.
Cinnamon:And... no one saw anything wrong with that?
Dyllis:I was told I would know when I see it.
Sign:Gate (keep walkin')
Dyllis:Maybe we will know more soon. We just have to be on the...
Cinnamon:LOOK OUT!!
Cinnamon:Hey, what's the big idea, lapidating tourists like that?
Konker:King's orders. It's to deter trespassers. Now go away or I shall konk you a second time!
Cinnamon:Love to see ye try!
Cinnamon:Sorry, dillhead... it's better you than I.

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