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Dyllis & the Troll - Part 1

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Cinnamon:Hey, what's the matter with you folks? I gotta go through here!
Scotsman:Nae can dae, lass, if ye ken what's best fur ye. This is a troll brig noo, an' th' hin' willnae gang awa'.
Cinnamon:And you've got nobody to take care of it? Hmm...
Cinnamon:Well, good news! I brought you a true heroine!
Scotsma:She'll dae! Ye gang, lassie! Make us prood!
Dyllis:But... but...
Troll:Hey, who there? And who you call butt?
Dyllis:Um... hi, I'm Dyllis.
Troll:And me very ANGRY!
Sign:Go Dyllis

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