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Mildly interesting drivel from Tammy Spahn:
Old-ish concept sketch for a monster. This enemy dates back quite a while and - like a lot of other "Lanschi Land" monsters - originally had a different name, in this case the rather non-subtle "Scissorhands", which changed to "Shands" later and eventually became Eddie when I wanted to update the concept for my comic. Of course, this one's not exactly up-to-date anymore either, though I also haven't been needing it.

I originally had plans for Eddie to appear in the very first comic story, A Spoony Experience, but his scene was cut (hah!). Lanschi would have encountered him while disguised as a bush and received the appropriate hedge-scissor-hands treatment, mainly to explain the disappearance of the disguise. In the finished version, he just voluntarily drops it and Eddie has yet to be seen at all - I don't actually recall why I removed the bit, but I probably just found it unnecessary. With my current understanding of the comic's pacing and the weight of the humour element, I don't think I would have skipped over a perfectly good gag like that, but unlike Eddie, that story is complete.

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